UPDATE – Jan 10th Dragon Rampant

Nathan and Taff popped over for something we have never done before!

No, I am sure Taff has done that!

Dragon Rampant, our first foray into fantasy. We decided on a simple game of Goblin and Hobbits. Really the only armies I have. Although following this game they will be expanded.

Hobbit army with dwarf Allies, Goblins on the other side of the river.

The table was 6×4. Point value was 32pts.

Nathan decided to split force and resemblant of a Zulu attack of the Bull he skirted the river and woods on the left while wolf riders and chief in chariot stormed across the bridge while ogres and Goblins on the right, waded the river towards the Hobbit bows and 95th RIFLES.

Taff brought his Emu cav and dwarf Slayers forward. This lead to an engagement with the wolf riders who evaded but this put them in the flight path of the bows and 95th wiping them out!

Slayer engaged with ogres which the ogres won and the slayers on a bad roll became battered. The chariot piled in a huge melee ensued. The slayers struggling to recover despite the aid of Gandaulf providing reinforcements/recovered strength points.

In a surprising turn the ogres took damage from the bows, Gandalf casting lightning bolts and then Nathan rolling snake eyes, they left the field. Nathan’s right was a worry.

The centre was doing better the chieftain in chariot was inflicting damage on slayers who finally broke.

Nathan’s left finally cleared the Emus and started to advance towards the centre where the Hobbit pikes were formed to defend against the charioteer chieftain. Nathan had the day!

Ops, like all best plans the hobbits defeat the chieftain who breaks and takes the goblins with him. The lesser goblinsbeco e broken while the shaman laughs it off.

Game over. 1 hour 45 mins of pure fun.

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UPDATE Jan 4th Hobbits

Sorry. Thought I had published this quick one but must have forgot to hit the button.

December has been mostly a wipe out due to a serious cold/flu/Covid infection for the last 4 weeks and is still hanging on.

What I have managed to do is a small no pun intended unit of Hobbits for a planned game of Dragon Rampant next week.

The background to this unit is that in my shire, units are recruited from certain types or areas of work. We have the Royal Order of Drovers see earlier article and another of those are Royal Infantry of Fletchers, Loyal Elite Scouts. Each shire name their unit on an entry age. My shire’s age limit is 95 years young so are the 95TH RIFLES.

Their coats are green with black buttons and collars. They are lead by Dick Blunt!

Blacktree Hobbits

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Update Nov 21st Vikings

Last night I finally put the finishing touches to my Lion Rampant Viking army. They are mostly Victrix with the archers from Crusader.

So here they are…….

Leader Jarl, probably Elite infantry

Viking Leader

Any viking warband needs beserkers! These are warrior foot and cost 3pts.


2 units of Select Hirdsmen or Heavy Infantry @ 4pts a unit.

Hirdmen 1
Hirdmen 2

2 units of Bondi or  Light Infantry @ 3pts

Bondi 1
Bondi 2

1 unit of bow armed Skirmishers @ 2 pts


And finally a unit of bow at 4 pts


I have a game early December booked so maybe these and the Saxons will have rhein first of many encounters!


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Update Nov 16th Saxons

Last night I finally put the finishing touches to my Late Saxon army. They have been sat on the  “basing table” for months. I just needed  to add shields, I even had the transfers from Victrix.

Adding victix shield transfers is a horrible process. Not only do you have to cut each shield out but you the have to fit the correct size transfer to shields. Trying to measure a shield to identify if it is 13.8 or 13.7mm or something like that. Fiddly is an understatement.

The troops are all Victrix plastics except for 4 Gripping Beast Fyrd and 6 Footsore slingers. They are based on 60 x 60mm bases.

With all units being made from 2 bases except the Elite which are 1 base to a unit.

So here they are…….

2 units of Elite Infantry one of which is the leader. These under 2nd Edition these may be standard @ 6pts or Fearsome @ 8pts or maybe the Leader could be Bloodthirsty @ 9pts!

Leader or Housecarls 1
Housecarls 2

2 units of Select Fyrd or Heavy Infantry @ 4pts a unit.

Select Fyrd 1
Select Fyrd 2

3 units of Fyrd or  Light Infantry @ 3pts

Fyrd 1
Fyrd 2
Fyrd 3

1 unit of Slingers or Skirmishers @ 2 pts

Skirmishers 1

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UPDATE Nov 8th

Here are the next units of Dwarfs. A unit of shooters.

Finished basing these today.

Blacktree Miniatures

These will be Light Missiles @ 4pts

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A Long Time No See

An old wargaming mate popped over for the first time in 4+years. Following a catch-up over a cup of tea we played a boardgame Hold The Line ACW. The scenario was the Battle of Cross Keys July 8 – 9th 1862.

It was only the 2nd time I had played but Nathan’s first time. I have to admit that while I enjoy boardgames we are both into large tabletop battles.

As we played we chatted about how good the game would look if moved to the table top but what scale? 28mm vignettes for each unit or 6mm regiments.

The game played brilliantly with the Confederates claiming victory on turn 13 of 22 having destroyed 7 Union units.

Early battle before the chatting the stopped me taking photos!

I cannot state how much I like this game. But the reason it is so much better than the very similar Command and Colors version is the command, it is down to you where you spend command points and not down to hopefully having the correct card in your hand as per C&C.

If you love C&C then give this game a go and I am sure you will love it.

I hope that it isn’t 4 years before I see Nathan again.

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Intro Game of Wars of the Republic by Osprey

This week we played an Ancient game of Persian against Greeks. Taff and Piggy sorted out the armies over a pint before we met up.

The rules were Osprey’s Wars of the Republic. A set I have scan read at a show but do not own.

The game was in reality a face off, just to test the rules. The fight was over an oasis.

The Greeks won the day but twice in the game I thought the Persians had it in the bag.

The game played well despite the rules! By this I mean the ambiguous wording at times means it is not always clear what or how something is done. Melees are a good example of this, especially dealing with multiple. Chatting we decided what it meant quite quickly but others may not be so accommodating/agreeable.

We enjoyed the game, it reawoke my excitement in Ancients so that can’t be a bad thing.

All the figures are Taff’s from various manufacturers but predominantly Victrix.

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As I am working away most of next week, Mrs C gave me a few hours of downtime to finish off things. She might of meant thr garden but

I have now finished the Ogre unit.

Ogres from Reaper Miniatures

These are polyurethane models from Reaper and well worth the £4.50 each price tag.

These will be Heavy Foot @ 4pts and possibly offensive due to bad breath taking them to 6pts.

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Here are the next units of Dwarfs. A unit of miners and Berserkers.

Miners Heavy Infanty @ 4 pts
Their leader Arthur Scarkill! Leads his men forward
Berserker or Bellicose @ 4pts

On the Berserker bases I made the rocks out of Cork tiles.

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Update Oct 28

Finished painting and basing another unit for my Scottish Wars of Independence.

These were from Antediluvian Miniatures. I must admit that they were nice to paint but I do worry that the weapons are too flimsy, this is due to them being to scale and not designed for the man handling by wargamers.

Will be starting a 2nd unit soon.

Antediluvian islemen
I made all grass and Heather foliage

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