Last night my wargame nemesis, sorry buddy Ian came over for our regular Monday game. We try to play something that is easy to set up and play in 90 minds. This approach introduced me to boardgames in a way I have never viewed them before.

Recently Ian introduced me to memoir 44. I have to be honest, out of all the Command and Colors games this one is my least favourite. I have not done well playing it but I think it has been down to cards and limited unit numbers. In last week’s game it was all over in two turns as I had no cards to move my right flank units into cover and had to watch my slimy snake, sorry nemesis, sorry wargame mate! Ian, rolled over them with his tanks.

I just wished I could choose where to deploy orders and challenge myself tactically rather than applying the luck or lack of it based on the cards I got.

I remembered a boardgame called Frederick’s Wars, hold the line by Worthington games. Anyone who has played a C and C napoleonic version will pick up on the system.

What is good is that each turn, each side rolls a random die to determine the number of additional Activation Points they get on top of your Generals basic. These are then spent to move, fire, melee or rally units on the table. The board size is exactly as per C and C 13×9 hex.

When I bought this game 5+ years ago I was lucky enough to also pick up the additional add-on for the battles of the Jacobite Rebellions, an era that I have always been interested in.

We both really enjoyed the game, especially the challenge of us dictating the strategy.

Ian managed to win as the Prussians but we both agreed it was enjoyable being able to command not react.

It also gave me an idea to replace the tokens with miniatures, maybe 6mm Baccus. So watch this space.

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Getting Fit for Wargamers

I have been home working for 8 months. Like many people I have struggled to always keep focused and away from the snack tin.

With this in mind I decided the other week to lose a few pounds and get fitter.

But how?

It was actually quite easy, I lost 20 pounds overnight! And 4 days later I was playing football, a game I never thought I would enjoy.

The truth……

I went on ebay and bought a game for £20, Battle Ball by MB Games. Made in the early 2000s it is a futuristic version of American football. Four days later it turned up and at last night’s club game we had a spare hour at the end, so we played a game.

Box Art

Never having played Bloodbowl my fellow members stated it was a lite version of it. This made it ideal for the hour.

It comes with 22 pre painted players, a huge pitch and a number of dice D6,D8,D10,D12,D20 as well as a special throw die. The dice are specific to certain players and identify movement, tackle and throw resolution.

Here are a few pictures from the game.

I thought it was a great game and ideal as a filler game, if you have 30-60 minutes to spare.

I think it would be even more fun/challenging if we use a chess clock in future games.

Currently we play a game called The Pirates from Queens Games monthly. This is a really fast paced game which lasts 30-45 minutes. We keep a running total from month to month and intend to present the best pirate with their award at our Christmas do.

Maybe next year we can run a Battle Ball League instead.

Anyway, I now love football and feel healthier already…..

Great game, give it a go if you ever get the chance.

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Battlemasters Empire army complete

A few more pictures from Terry, of Piran’s Warriors painting service, of the Empire army for my Battlemasters game.

They are finished. I will probably base they permanently on their game bases with good terrain. There will be no casualty removal.

Mention this blog to Terry before 1st December 2020 and get 10% off your painting. Checked him out at

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Memoir 44 game night

Over the last few weeks, Taff has been introducing me to Memoir 44. Like anytime Taff and I play a new game, we alway start off reading the rules, agree our interpretation and play each scenario in turn.

Tonight we are playing scenario 6 – Mont Mouchet. This pitched French resistance against German infantry and elite German grossdeutschland armour.

The scenario played out well with the German’s taking the day. I think the game played well and the turning point I believe was when I forgot to add an additional battledice to all my attacking unit and then not having any order cards for the centre, which would have allowed me to move my weakened unit to cover.

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BattleMasters update.

In my previous blog I talked about finally getting a painted BATTLEMASTERS game and had asked Piran’s Warriors to paint them for me.

Here are the next few pictures showing the crossbow and archer troops for the Imperial/Empire side.

Remember that Terry at Piran’s Warriors has offered a 10% discount on orders placed before 1st December 2020 if you mention this blog.

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Played hammerin iron last night by Peter Pig.

Will never play again.

Poorly written rules

Poorly laid out rules

Poor scenarios

Too much about dice rolls and set up. Our game took longer to set up than to play, I say play but the rules are ambiguous in places and having people interpret what was/is meant took longer than actual play.

Maybe as we have only played them 3 times it was our fault but the effort of trying to play them was enough.

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No, I have had these years…………

Any decent wargamer who is married will also be a liar. I can say this because I am one.

I have sneaked figures in to the house only to declare “New, no I have had these for years” upon their discovery on the table. Well my next project is a little of both. I actually had these figures/game circa 20 years ago, got rid of them and rebought them only a few months ago.

Which figures I hear you shouting,,,,

Well I am talking about BattleMasters. I decided a year or so ago that I needed more playable table top games that play in 1-2 hours and have a fun/light approach.

I have asked Terry at Piran’s Warriors Painting Service, (please see previous blogs) to paint them for me. I also gave no paint scheme and just said do whatever you feel like.

Here are the first few pics Terry has sent me of the work in progress.

Terry, they are looking great.

More photos soon?

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Not Quite To Plan

Last week’s game was going to be our last in a month of Lion Rampant games. At the start of the month only one member of our motley band had played before, now all were discussing what armies they have or could get to play LR with.

This game introduced; pike, handgunners and artilley!

It was also going to be a simple bloodbath game with both sides facing off against the other.

I had provided each side with a map for deployment. Unfortunately the locals who drew them did not get them too accurate. This caused a few issues in the deployment stage with trees in the way, etc.

Sid had medium artillery while Taff and Piggy both had lights. I allowed them to deploy one full move in and fully loaded.

We thought artillery would add something to the game. Well it did and didn’t for all the wrong reasons. I hoped for an engagement meeting with fighting across the river. This didn’t happen as Sid and CW (Keith) decided to defend the artillery. This meant that Piggy and Taff advanced to contact and this soon put their artillery out of range to hit Sid or CW.

Sid fired his artillery piece inflicting 2 wounds, followed by woops of joy. The next turn it was reloaded and turn 5 on firing he rolled a double 1 causing the piece to blow up! No woops of joy now well not from CW or Sid anyway.

Eventually the forces meet and Sid’s force advanced to defend the ford. This was a real battle royal with the fight ebbing and flowing. Would Sid’s better smaller forces carry the day or would Taff’s larger poorly armed/trained force carry the day due to numbers.

Well Taff, doing a great impersonation of Windsor Davies (Battery Sergeant Williams) willed on his lovely boys and carried the day.

At the other end of play CW and Piggy were both involved in a slugfest. Piggy eventually being the victor.

The battling was intense and therefore I forgot to get as many photos as I would like.

Maneuvering. This game had a lot of units moving all over the place (sideways, backwards) and as per the rules this made no impact upon movement rates or fighting.

I am thinking that units must turn to face to move in a different direction. MAA 1/4 turn per facing with first free, sgts 1/4 turn per facing and yeomen costing 1/2 turn per facing.

Units now have a facing and can only fight/shoot to the front. The exception to these rules are bidowers who move and fire as per original.

Artillery – can now be deployed loaded or may be towed at 4 inch per move for heavy and light and medium 6 inches, a move to deploy, then they need to load before firing.

Man-handle, lt artillery 2 inches, medium 1 inch and heavy no movement. Must not be loaded. If loaded must be reloaded.

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Ram Raiding

Lion Rampant scenario.

This week’s game was a relatively short affair.
Like many affairs it started out full of passion but like most it ended in a whimper with one party declaring it had been a disaster, doomed from the start and wishing they had done things differently!

Sid and Keith had the job of escorting several carts across the table. Their forces were good for the job. A group of mixed spear/bow were assigned to protect each wagon. Further protection was in the form of mounted men at arms, foot men at arms and bidowers as scouts.
The other faction of Taff and Piggy were confident as well. They had a strong proportion of mounted MAA and Sgts, bows and foot sgts.

Things started bad for Sid in Keith, the wagons were allowed a free move if they rolled under a 7 or under and no, they didn’t.
This poor start was then compounded by them further as next turn only the first cart moved opening up a gap and forcing the 2 commanders to disagree about activations and how to defend.

Taff and Piggy were on the other hand closing the gap on the wagon train with units going in from the NW,NE and SE.
Within a few turns many of the wagon train’s guards were in bow range and taking casualties. In one unfortunate exchange Sid’s leader with a unit of mounted MAA received 10 hits from 12 dice by Taff inflicting 2 wounds due to having an armour rating of 4. Unfortunately, due to previous casualties and Sid rolling a 3 they went, taking the leader with them.

This set the tone and within a few more turns Sid was down to his last unit. The only unit that performed well was Keith’s bidowers who had rushed forward and held the pass between the two woods. They made great use of the skirmish and evade rules frustrating Taff on many occasions and causing the odd casualty when running away.

After 7 turns it was finished. The guards were either routing or battered and unable to defend the wagons having been forced away from them, leaving the door open.

Taff was unforgiving in his mocking joy at capturing the wagons and especially the goods being carried, SHEEP! No, don’t even think it.

Defenders force

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Lion Rampant Game

Following on from the first game of LR for the club members last week we decided to play again this week.

We decided to play the second scenario, Immovable Object.

The year is 1485 and the war of the roses is impacting all across the country. One Lord had ideas to relocate some of his wealth in a hideout. Unfortunately while on a visit he has become aware of enemy forces approaching. He decides to leave some forces to guard his riches while he returns to his estate and returns with additional help to secure and relocate. Unfortunately the enemy are fast approaching from the opposite direction. Can he hold them off capturing his treasures or will he lose the family silver?

The scenario was as is in the book except that we played on a 8×5 table with 48 points of retinues per side. 20 pts of troops left to guard the treasure with the rest coming hopefully to the rescue.

This tome we introduced leader traits, many would come in handy. Some would come in handy and some would have if remembered!

The defenders comprised of foot knights, crossbowmen, expert archers and mixed yeomen.

Ian T and Keith playing the attackers had a slow start. Compound that with Keith’s rolling had his leader acting more like Frank Spencer than a competent Lord.

Ian P and Steve started well with their reinforcements making great advances.

One of Steve’s mounted men at arms units has already reached the ford in the river.

Eventually both side were in range and bows and bolts were loosed.

Only maa and crossbows stand between Keith and Ian T’s victory. Maa roll to charge the xbows but fail. Keith under the guise of Frank Spencer forgets his trait of re-roll a failed moved order.

An early casualty was Ian T’s expert archers. A real shock as with only 3 casualties Ian rolled a 2 resulting in a -1 result and a flee.

Ian T has stormed the hill with foot maa to win. Unfortunately a fail to activate left them exposed and over the next two turns Sid’s forces arrived to plug the gap.

The gap left by the fleeing foot maa, left the way open for Frank Spencer sorry Keith to charge in and take the day. A roll of double 1s  scuppered the plan until, like Frank on the rollers skates all ended well when Keith declared a reroll, past it, charged in and captured the hoard of silver.

It had been a very tight contest with both factions feeling confident.


The next scenario has been choosen and will be played with similar forces. We then plan to introduce pikes and artillery!

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