Designing my “Dad’s Army” Game

Welcome to my first ever blog.

All of my wargaming mates are in to WW2 in a big way. I must admit that it never really interested me but after a chat with a few of them, they convinced me to put a game on for a show and they all wanted WW2. I agreed but wanted something different.

To keep me interested I needed to enjoy the theme, the rules, the figures and the terrain.

I locked myself away in my wargame room and thought. To help I put some DVDs on. One of these happened to the Dad’s army feature film.

Light bulb moment!

The town end of the game

The town end of the game

The Scenario

How about, a shot down German recon unit who were checking out the British coast pre operation “Sealion”.

Unfortunately they had a copy of the plans with them. This must not fall into British hands. A rescue mission is launched (Fallschirmjager) to rescue/destroy the plans, oh yes, and possibly the crew!

5th columnist help by blowing up communication points e.g. telephone boxes etc but who? These were the character from dad’s army; Mrs Fox, verger, vicar, Hodges etc.

I added some separate mission cards to add a bit of flavour. These are randomly drawn before the game. This makes every game different. In the first game it turned out that one of the rescue team found out his wife had been having an affair, unfortunately with one of the downed crew! Does he rescue the plans and kill the crew member or resist and save him getting more victory points?

Jones gets +1 in combat if player shouts ”they don’t like it up them“ when they roll.

Godfrey – every turn on a roll of a 1 misses the turn due to the call of nature.

The figures

Had to be the Wargames Foundry range.  The odd figure supplemented from Blacktree.

The Vehicles

Vickers tanks

Bren carriers – scratch built by me and cast in resin. I think they look great.

Hodges and Jones vehicles by Corgi?

Reinforcements arrive

Reinforcements arrive


Mainly Grand Manner – Nice buildings, not cheap. Decided to glue roofs down to protect as constantly removing roofs and floors to move figures really slowed down play testing. Various others were scratch built by me.

Church – hand built using individual blocks, never again.

Trawler – Scratch built. Used by Germans as an option for rescue/escape.

Anderson shelters – Scratch built (best mate Brian Collins and myself) and cast in resin.

Greenhouse and cold frames – scratch built and cast in resin

Light house – Scratch built from that staple diet for wargamers, a pot noodle.

Hedgerow – home made.

Grand manner, manor with scratch built shelters and greenhouse

Grand manner, manor with scratch built shelters and greenhouse

Next blog may detail how the game went.



January 25, 2013 · 8:47 pm

3 responses to “Designing my “Dad’s Army” Game

  1. Really nice looking table! Looking forward to hearing how it played out.

  2. Colin campbell

    Thank you, thank you for your free rules they look to be better than some commercial sets at £30 a throw. Well done that man !!!!!

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