Legionary Countdown – Vimeiro

With Christmas over I have turned my attention back to preparing the game for Legionary, Exeter on the 3rd May 2014.

Have finally decided the organisation of the armies. They are shown below.

French Order of Battle

British Order of Battle

British Order of Battle

Following a review and some rebasing over the Christmas period I have the following units still to complete.

1 off French Chasseur Regiment

1 off French Dragoon Regiment

1 off Regiment of Grenadiers

1 off French Foot Battery

1 off British 71st Foot

Below are some of the units completed over Christmas.

Dragoons (Front Rank)

Dragoons (Front Rank)

Legere regiment

Legere regiment

Junot ( Foundry)

Junot ( Foundry) picked up on Ebay

Have still got the terrain to build but the rules are nearly done so they will be here soon.

Will try to update more often going forward.


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