Long Service Award

This week I notched up 25 years service with the same employer. I don’t  intend to bore you with my employment history but in recognition my employers gave me £500 to spend. Discussions with my wife followed and she said to spend it on myself as I had done “the time”. I gave it some thought and came up with the idea of expanding my napoleonic armies. I didn’t want to collect a late British army as I felt I would be doubling up, so it  was probably going to be an Austrian and/or early Prussian.  Well in the end it was none of these. America 1812 won it.

Why? Well it is a small war by European scale which means the £500 should hopefully enable me to buy most if not all of what I need and what a selection of battles and troop types.

When starting a new era I normally pick a battle that interests me and select troops for it.

Queenston Heights Oct 13th 1812. American invasion of Canada.  This battle has a beach landing, regulars against militia, good officers and bad ones with lots of what if options.

Battle of the Thames River. October 5th 1813. Larger American force pursuing a mixed British force including Indians.

Battle of Crysler’s Farm.  November 11th 1813. Large American force against a smaller mixed British force of Regulars, Militia, Indians and gunboats.

Battle of Lundy’s Lane. July 25th 1814. An encounter battle with both sides getting reinforced, limited visibility and all the major complications that can bring.

Battle of Bladensburg.

August 24th 1814. Crossing the Potomac and entering Washington the British burnt down the Whitehouse before withdrawing. This battle offers regulars, militia, marines, Dragoons and British rockets!. Huge amount of what ifs.

Battle of New Orleans. January 8th 1815. Last ditch battle of the war. Regulars, militia, West Indian troops, Free Black Militias, marines, riflemen, a large defensive wall made of cotton-bails and swamp. A battle with huge options.

I will give a detailed scenario for each soon.



I looked at Foundry as I just love them, normally. This is a very disappointing range due to size comparison with their other Napoleonic ranges but more importantly pose variations. Most options only have one pose, so poor in today’s market. I also suppose the price doesn’t help, £1.50 a figure.

Knuckleduster Miniatures. What a fantastic range. They offer nearly all the figures required apart from artillery pieces. The only issue is that they are only available in the UK via Caliver Miniature. Speaking to them they had no stock to speak of and no deals.

Old Glory. Rang the supplier to discuss. Wow, what a great supplier. Spent time with me discussing the range, the era and their offers. I spent a few days reviewing pictures and have now placed an order.

Will update when they arrive.



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2 responses to “Long Service Award

  1. Rod Schwager

    Good luck and fun with your War of 1812 Army. You can’t go wrong to start your armies with Old Glory, particularly the Americans figures. These are OG’s relatively recent sculpts and are well proportioned and full of animation as you state re your dragoons. Teresa and Connie at OG give superb service as you found out. By the way your painting skills are first rate.

    I am in my fourth year of collecting and war gaming the War of 1812. We (group of four I host 1812 and the other guys do various Napoleonic battles) have done Cook’s Mills, Crysler’s Farm and Queenston Heights…all of them twice. I am now preparing for Chippewa and then Lundy’s Lane. My Americans are OG, KD, Brigade Games (BG) and some Foundry; Canadians are OG and KD; my British are everything Front Rank (favorite) Perry, Perry plastic, KD, Victrix, BG, War Lord, Redoubt, Elite and Foundry.

    I think like you, I have focussed my collection on the War of 1812. It looks like you are well on your way to battling your way through the War of 1812….have fun. I periodically checked to see how you are progressing. Well done and have fun.

    • Thank you so much for the comment. It is great to hear from other gamers of the era and having heard so many things about Old Glory’s ranges I am glad I took the plunge. I haven’t updated for a while but I have painted a few more units so may try to update over the weekend.
      What rules do you use?
      And how did the games go, I think Cryler’s farm and Lundy’s Lane are my favourites to refight but also the earlier battles where the challenge is volumes over quality.

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