War 1812 Painted unit update

Over the weekend I finished off the first unit from my new Old Glory 1812 Armies. I intend to build my units around the battle of Crysler’s Farm.

Canadian Voltigeurs (Old Glory pack WAB005)

This unit was raised in 1812 as a Provisional Corps of Light Infantry from the Lower Canada area and were known as the Voltigeurs de Quebec. Their original commander was Major Charles- Michel de Salaberry. He was a former officer of the 60th foot hence I guess why he is shown in Green.


While they participated in many skirmishes they are mostly famed for their participation in the battles of Chateauguay and Crysler’s Farm.

In these battles they appear to have fought in both  formed and skirmish formations. With that in mind I will represent them as either an 11 figure skirmish unit (4 bases of 2 and 1 base of 3 figure command) or a 18 figure formed unit (3 bases of 6).  I have done the skirmish unit this way because in the 1812 war I will have less units than I normally use in my Peninsular battles (3 bases of 2) so I can have more figures in a unit. It also works well with the 30 figure pack Old Glory sell.


Apart from the headgear the officer’s uniform is as per the 95th. Green faced black. Headgear is best described as a black mitre/bearskin.

Soldiers – black mitre type headgear, grey jacket, black belts,  collar, cuffs, epaulettes with wings. White turn backs. Grey trousers. I have given them black musket slings although I have seen references to white.

Canadian Voltigeurs 4

Canadian Voltigeurs 4

Canadian Voltigeurs 3

Canadian Voltigeurs 3

Canadian Voltigeurs 2

Canadian Voltigeurs 2

Canadian Voltigeurs 1

Canadian Voltigeurs 1


I will probably paint  a small unit of US  Dragoons.


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