Attack 14, Devizes

This weekend 19th and 20th July was an opportunity for my wargaming buddies to all meet up at a show. Six of us got together at the Devizes show, Attack. Three came up from Plymouth, 2 from Chippenham and myself from Exeter.

Father and son, Chris and Robert living the nearest put the game on. It was a 28mm early Japanese attack against a British/American force trying to stem the tide and allow an evacuation. Below are a few shots of the game. Hope you enjoy them.

Terrain – Chris

Rules – Chris

Figures – Chris, mainly TAG.

Vehicles – Chris, various manufacturers.

Ships – Chris.

Planes – Robert, only joking Chris.

I am starting to think Chris may be a megalomaniac !


The whole table 10×6 with Jetty and some of the best jungle terrain I have ever seen.


Compound area and a few buildings. the large red rooed building was the officers mess.


View from the other end with paddy fields on the left.


Japanese VAL patrols the air looking for some targets


British manning the barrier. That red and white pole will stop all comers.


Parade ground starting to fill with people looking for a way out


Only boat available so far! Who goes and who stays?


The Val misses the vehicles and hits the corner of the laundry.


The Val has a group of Ghurkas in its sights. Lucky for them the Val is off target.


The Japanese are burning the buildings as they advance through the jungle causing more panic.


First of the Japanese armour rolls on to the table with infantry support.


The Val takes out the staff car, he is already at the dock demanding the first safe passage away.


A junk turns up to help the evacuation.


Japanese clear the village.


British in a trench come under mortar fire!


The tanks start to break out from the village. No resistance met, yet.


Japs stumble on a bunker and start to clear it. Slow progress. they lose a few infantry and an armoured car in the progress.


More Japanese wadding across the paddy fields.


Japanese armour having assisted clearing the bunker only have to defeat the red and white barrier to be in the compound.


A merchant ship turns up. Cheers go up from all waiting to get out of there. This was made by Chris from the Snowberry kit.


British get some much needed air support in the shape of a Brewster Buffalo. It did manage to drive off the Val.


The merchant ship in a bit more detail.


The returned Val eyes up the ship.


Japanese tanks fail to advance due to the Lee.


Swarms of Japs burst out of the jungle. Figures are mainly from The Assault Group.


Crew pulling up the gang plank.


In a last ditch attempt the Val has another go at the merchant ship. Only light damage caused.


After 2 days of great gaming Father and Son, Chris and Robert receive the show award. Well deserved even if I say so myself.



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5 responses to “Attack 14, Devizes

  1. Mike

    Graham was a great game by Chris and Robert and well deserved winner,was good to catch up mate,and not leave it so long next time,the pieces love there new home,be in touch
    Mike(Old Pikey)

  2. 40kterminatus

    Some lovely looking terrain 🙂

  3. Chris

    Sorry Graham, whilst I enjoyed the the lavish praise I have to give credit where it’s due, Brian built the planes for me, did a top job. Oh and Robert made the odd cup of tea, keeps the old man going. Thanks to all of you for a great weekend.

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