Review of Battleflags.

While looking for flags for my up coming war of the roses game, I came across “Battleflags” from Ancient and Modern Army Supplies. I sent off for Edward IV standard and banners. These are my thoughts on what was supplied.

What do you get?

The picture (1) below is what I got. Two Battle Standards, Banner of Arms and a Lance Pennon.

Initially I was impressed, although to begin with there was something odd but could not quite put my finger on it. It stuck me when I was struggling to see the detail and had to put my glasses on. The SIZE. I am no expert so these are only my thoughts;

1. Having read a few articles, the size of the Battle Standards were approximately 4 feet high and 15-17 feet long. Therefore in 28mm, if the average height of a man was 5’9″ then 1 mm = 2.46″ call it 2.5″.

if the flags were 4 ‘ high  then they should be around 19.2mm high and if 16’ long, they should be 77mm long. What you get is a flag that is 14mm high and 61mm long. This gives us a size of 2’11 x 12’9″.  These flags are more in scale to 20mm/1/76th than 25/28mm.

If we compare this to the Perry flag you get in their booked set (Picture 2). Their flag measures 21mm by 86mm. While slightly large, it is certainly in my opinion a better fit to figure ratio.

2. The motto is also just a mirrored version, backwards and upside down on the left hand flag. This may be correct but on every other flag I have looked at, the writing is correct.

3.These issues are a real shame as the printing is first-class and the Banner and lance pennon are more to scale.


Picture 1

Perry Edward IV

Picture 2

As said, these are just my thoughts.


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