Worst Model Building Ever?

Having probably bored you with my recent building purchases and reviews you may not want to even read this one. Please do as I feel so strong about this kit.

For my recent birthday I was asked what I would like and I mentioned  Café Gondree. To cut a long story short a model representing this was purchased from an Auction site for me.

I am sad to say that in my opinion this is the worst model I have ever seen. It is usually advertised for £20 but can start at a £10. Maybe if you got it at that price including postage it maybe worth investing the time to make something out of this pig of a kit.

It appears to me that very little  time has been invested in this kit to get it right. No realistic chimney, the tiles are appalling (looks like a copy and paste on the CAD program, has the designer even seen a roof?), no building detail, no doors, ridge tiles  and the roof joints are a joke.

Like the designer I won’t spend too much time on this kit to finish it, if at all. In my opinion SAVE YOUR MONEY.

SAM_3304 SAM_3305 SAM_3306 SAM_3307


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