A First!

This week we held our first club game since lockdown and for most, it was also their first game of Lion Rampant.

We held the game at my place.

I decided to play Wars of the Roses. As can be seen from the photos we had a simple terrain layout to help play and my units are not based as they should be but it was easy to overcome as a units has the same number of hits/men as per rules 6 or 12 and we just used a D12 to track. White coins meant battered.

Each player had a retinue of 24 points and each was allocated a playing card suit. Each turn a card was drawn to determine order of activation.

We also allowed friendly units to ignore the 3″ gap rule.

Ian P and Sid had foot only forces but were the creme de la creme as Ms Jean Brodie would say.

Ian T and Keith had a mixed bag with levy (yeomen) to expert bowmen.

From the start Ian P and Sid demonstrated caution and held their line not advancing too fast. The others were full speed as dice rolls allowed!

Keith’s yeomen suffered from the expert archery from Ian P and the left wing faulted. Ian T charged with his Sargent but were stopped by Sid’s foot men at arms.

Keith’s archers in the centre turned and helped Ian T, eventually allowing him to win the right flank.

So both left flanks collapsed. Both sides agreed they would not fight on and called it a draw.

Everybody wanted to play again next week so it was a thumbs up to Lion Rampant. We will add in a few more aspects like challenges and lucky hits.

Here are the forces used. Please the master list that has all the unit option listed and player 1 and 2 forces for this game.

Army list master units

All the figures are from my collection and are Foundry or Perry Miniatures.

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