My name is Graham  and welcome to my blog.

I started wargaming when at school some 30+ years ago. Over this period I, probably like many of you have dropped in and out of the hobby. I am always trawling the web looking for information and views on different aspects of the hobby. I hope you find something here you may like.

Many years ago I start collecting figures in what ever period my local club at the time were into. Since then I have changed scales, sides and rules too many times. When I decided recently to get back into wargaming I made a number of decisions that would shape my return to the hobby for me.

1. Having spent too many hours discussing rules with opponents rather than playing, I wanted rules that could be picked up and played fairly quickly, gave an enjoyable game and could be played in an evening or two.

2. I had to enjoy the look of the game. I am afraid to think how much time I have wasted rebasing units.

3. I have to own both sides. In the past I have invested in an army only to see the members of the club change scales and or periods leaving me alone. No more!

4. I have discovered the enjoyment from painting as much as the wargame so I get figures I like. This sometime means a choice about the style of game as the cost may mean I skirmish rather than fight with large armies.

16 responses to “About

  1. Stephen Larkin

    Graham really good site enjoyed reading the articles keep up the good work Steve Larkin

  2. Mike (Old Pikey)

    Hi Graham,just sent you a mail via e-bay so you know its Me now,and you will have my e-mail,be good to catch up and chat
    best wishes
    Mike(old Pikey)
    ps nice blog,so what you going over to?

  3. Geoff Coe

    Graham we met at the show in Exeter earlier this year I would welcome your input in getting some rules written for my Greek War of Independence game, if you can help please email me sacredcarp@hotmail.com
    regards, Geoff Coe in Taunton

    • Geoff.
      More than happy to help in any way possible. I like writing rules although they are mainly aimed at the demo style of gaming, so my normal objectives are
      1. Visual appearance of units
      2. Minimum book keeping
      3. Good pace of speed
      4. Random turn durations.

      if you are happy then I look forward to working with you

  4. Geoff Coe

    Thanks Graham, Do you have a contact number and address

  5. Geoff Coe

    Graham apologies my email has wiped your contact details could you please email them to me again sacredcarp@hotmail.com

  6. Geoff Coe

    Gordon please contact me.

    Geoff Coe

  7. Have just stumbled across your blog some great stuff I’m really enjoying the Napoleonic rules, and battle reports thanks for posting and keep up the good work.

    • Really glad you have found something of interest on the site. Hope you have the latest version of the rules? Any questions do not hesitate to drop me a line.

  8. Andy

    Thanks for getting back in touch, much appreciated. The chap has a prepaid commission for me from 12 months back now and I had (hopefully) assumed it was just an address or email issue. If he does surface I’d be most grateful for a nod.

    Kind regards


  9. Rob

    Hi Graham , your game at the show was great this year , You expressed an interest in my latest set of rules , so just incase you lose that piece of paper they are called “a baton in both hands” , they are a “pay what you want” on rpgnow/wargamevault

  10. Hi Graham,
    Keen to chat about USSR rules. Couple you please drop me an email at leigh_neville@yahoo.com.au

    All the best mate,

  11. Hi Graham,

    I am editor of Slingshot, the bimonthly publication of the Society of Ancients. I happened across your Welsh spearmen and English cavalry and would love to use the images for the upcoming issue. You will of course receive full accreditation and I am happy to include a link to your blog. Let me know if you are OK with this. I can be emailed at:



    Justin Swanton

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