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Victory Without Quarter QRF

As promised a while ago, here are the QRF I made up. I know the rules are only a few pages long but when playing it does make it easier to find obscure bonuses etc. that are described in the passages rather than the tables. We have made a couple of changes to some distances, but you can alter these back if you wish.


Reference sheets

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Edgehill The Game

Saturday the 4th May arrived and fully loaded up we went to Legionary.

The venue is great, plenty of free car parking only feet from the entrance. More importantly it had a café on site which was serving hot food from 8am. Great food and great value.

We had reserved a 10’x6′ table. This would be the first time we had seen the table set up fully as my wargame table is 9’x6′. We were one of the first to arrive.

Royalist right wing

View from Royalist right wing

Royalist Left wing

View from Royalist Left wing

The boards are TSS with our own roads styled on to them. A lot of people commented on the trees so maybe I will make a few more and show you how to do it on a later blog.

All the troops were then placed.

Turn 1.

The game got off to a nervous start on both sides. The Royalists deciding to try and hold the centre by moving their infantry forward. The Parliamentarian right wing cavalry advanced  as did the Royalist right wing cavalry, up to support the artillery.

Turn one

Turn one

End of turn card stopped any thoughts of any other moves.

Turn 2

Both armies cavalry were lucky and their cards came out soon. Both moved to within charge range for when they are next activated. For now the artillery exchange shots. No real damaged except one crew of a Royalist gun became shaken.

Then the event card came up………………… next artillery piece activated goes low on ammo.

Royalist artillery was the next activated card. They fire at heavy cavalry to their right, causing a hit and with  the unit failing a morale check they retired towards the rear. First real success to the Royalists.

Royalist artillery

Royalist artillery

Both armies continue to move towards each other in the centre.

Turn 3

Only the centre foot on both sides get activated. A fire fight starts.

Both sides exchange fire

Both sides exchange fire

Turn 4

Confidence was growing on both sides with the cavalry chomping to get involved.  The infantry in the centre were all trying to advance to contact and casualties were starting to mount.

Surgeon helps patch them up and send them back

Surgeon helps patch them up and send them back

A deterrent for those who try to run

A deterrent for those who try to run

Turn 5

Prince Rupert sees his chance. The artillery has softened up the cavalry for Rupert to charge. He just needs to be activated. Event card- next leader to be activated has slipped from the saddle and misses the turn. Next card, you guessed right, Prince Rupert.

Infantry are now in melee, with the Royalists coming off slightly better.

The fight in the centre

The fight in the centre

Parliamentarian centre with artillery support

Parliamentarian centre with artillery support

Parliamentarian right wing cavalry gets engaged.

Parliamentarian right

Parliamentarian right

Turn 6

Rupert gets his chance. In he charges and inflicts enough hits for a morale check, they flee but Rupert checks his morale  and does not follow up. Right wing looking good for the Royalists.

Parliamentarian right wing hits Royalists left but both fight out a draw.

Centre still continuing.

Turn 7

Royalist right wing victorious. Royalist and Parliamentarian cavalry still slogging it out on other flank and infantry in centre starting to turn 90 degree as Royalist right win but left side fall back due to casualties.

Due to the end of show this was the last turn.

Mutually agreed that neither side had a decisive victory but Royalist would probably have held the ground.

In conclusion.

Everybody seemed to like the game and the rules raised a huge amount of excitement. I was very happy with it all. I loved the rules as they gave a great feel and with no casualty removal which were great for a demo.

Please find below a selection of other shots from the day.

Most of the photos  are from the camera of Paul Davies. A big thank you.



Preparing to make a quick exit if all goes wrong


Parliamentarian Centre

IMG_0351  IMG_0304 IMG_0303 IMG_0302 IMG_0301 IMG_0298 IMG_0297

100_1846 100_1845 100_1844 100_1843 100_1842 100_1841 100_1840 100_1839 100_1838 100_1837



Me on the right and my best mate Brian

Me on the right with my best mate Brian

if interested here is the OOB

OOB for Edgehill

Hope you like them and I am already thinking about next year! I am thinking some sort of medieval battle but AWI might prevail.

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Sorry it has been a while since my last update. I have been busy preparing a game for my local show, Legionary in Exeter. Link please pop along if you can as it is a great little show on the way up.

The game I decided to put on is a 28mm version of Edgehill. A bit ambitious when you are the only person with the collection.

So I need:-

28+ regiments of foot (min 500+ figures)

12+ regiments of horse (min 160+ figures)


Scenery for 10 x 6 table

Once the show is over I will update you on the game with plenty of pictures etc.

The rules I will be using is a set I discovered on the web and really like. They are called Victory Without Quarter (VWQ).

Victory Without Quarter rules

I will also be updating with quick reference sheets as well as a few local rule changes.

That is it for now. Back to basing……………..

Just over 3 weeks to go.  Already thinking about next year’s game if people like this one. What will it be  War of the Roses, Peninsula Napoleonic, Scottish Independence Wars, American War of Independence or World War II. More on these eras from me soon.

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