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Vimeiro built – but not quite in a day

Just a quick update

Have finished the town of Vimeiro. Over the last few weeks I have finally finished putting it all together. The buildings are based on those shown in the “Touching History” series of books on building terrain for Wargamers and were built by best mate Brian Collins. This is the biggest town in the game with a couple of smaller villages elsewhere. These are still to be built.  It is made up from 3 off 8″x8″ bases. In my rules, built up areas (BUA) are made up from these bases. 1 for a small village, 2 for a larger village 3+ for a town. Each base will normally have 2 building on it and each building can hold  an infantry regiment and BUAs are cleared fighting one regiment/building at a time.

Vimeiro 5

Vimeiro 5

Vimeiro 4

Vimeiro 4

Vimeiro 3

Vimeiro 3

Vimeiro 2

Vimeiro 2

Vimeiro 1

Vimeiro 1

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Legionary Countdown – Vimeiro

With Christmas over I have turned my attention back to preparing the game for Legionary, Exeter on the 3rd May 2014.

Have finally decided the organisation of the armies. They are shown below.

French Order of Battle

British Order of Battle

British Order of Battle

Following a review and some rebasing over the Christmas period I have the following units still to complete.

1 off French Chasseur Regiment

1 off French Dragoon Regiment

1 off Regiment of Grenadiers

1 off French Foot Battery

1 off British 71st Foot

Below are some of the units completed over Christmas.

Dragoons (Front Rank)

Dragoons (Front Rank)

Legere regiment

Legere regiment

Junot ( Foundry)

Junot ( Foundry) picked up on Ebay

Have still got the terrain to build but the rules are nearly done so they will be here soon.

Will try to update more often going forward.

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Legionary 14 The Battle of Vimeiro.

I have been giving the game for Legionary 14 some thought and the game I am planning to put on will be The Battle of Vimeiro.

This has a good mix of forces, a few what ifs  and both side have the ability to win. This allows it to be played again and again, hopefully at a few shows around the region.  Having looked around I have come up with the follow forces and intend to convert this to the rules I will be using. They will be an adapted version of the Shako rules which also has a good scenario for Vimeiro in it’s scenario booklet.

My rules will follow the style of the ECW ones I used at last year’s show.

Infantry units are made of 3 bases, cavalry 6 bases and artillery 2 bases.

More details will follow reference the rules as and when I write them!!

This is the map from the Shako scenario book and my plan is to base my terrain on this. The table will be 10’x6′


The British Forces

The British force had about 15,000 men:


Sir Arthur Wellesley

1st Brigade: General Rowland Hill

5th Foot

9th Foot

38th Foot

2nd Brigade: General Ronald Ferguson

36th Foot

40th Foot

71st Foot

3rd Brigade: General Miles Nightingale

29th Foot

82nd Foot

4th Brigade: General Barnard Bowes

6th Foot

32nd Foot

5th Brigade: General James Caitland Crawford

50th Foot

91st Foot

6th Brigade: General Henry Fane

45th Foot

5th Battalion 60th Foot

2nd Battalion 95th Rifles

7th Brigade: General Robert Anstruther

2nd Battalion 9th Foot

2nd Battalion 43rd Light

2nd Battalion 52nd Light

2nd Battalion 97th Highlanders

8th Brigade: General Acland

2nd Foot

20th Foot (7 and 1/2 Companies)

1st Battalion 95th Rifles (2 Companies)

Portuguese Troops: Colonel Trant

6th, 11th, & 12th Cavalry Regiments

12th, 21st, and 24th line Battalions

6th Caçadores

French Forces

The French force consisted of about 13,000 men and 23 guns:


General Jean-Androche Junot

1st Division: General Henri-François Delaborde

Brigade: General Antoine-François Brenier de Montmorand

3rd Battalion 2nd Légère

3rd Battalion 4th Légère

70th Ligne Regiment (1st and 2nd Battalions)

Brigade: General Jean-Guillaume-Barthélemy Thomières

86th Ligne Regiment (1st and 2nd Battalions minus two companies left at Elvas)

4th Swiss Regiment (2 Companies)

2nd Division: General Louis-Henri Loison

Brigade: General Jean-Baptiste Solignac

3rd Battalion 12th Légère

3rd Battalion 15th Légère

3rd Battalion 58th Ligne

Brigade; General Hugues Charlot

3rd Battalion 32nd Ligne

3rd Battalion 82nd Ligne

Reserve of Grenadiers: François-Etienne Kellerman

1st Regiment (1st and 2nd Battalions)

2nd Regiment (1st and 2nd Battalions)

Cavalry Division: General Pierre Maragon

1st Provisional Chasseurs

3rd Provisional Dragoons

4th Provisional Dragoons

5th Provisional Dragoons

Squadron of Volunteer Cavalry

Below are photos of some units from my collection, not all will be needed but may make the table as a stand-in depending upon timescales. The Portuguese are Victrix, Spanish are Elite Miniatures. French are Victrix, Perry and Elite. Cavalry are Foundry, Perry and Elite. British are Perry, Victrix. I  have a few units of Front Rank but intend to replace them as they stand out in stature from all others.


Victrix Portuguese


Victrix Portuguese Cacadores


Victrix Portuguese Cacadores


Foundry British Dragoons


Foundry British Dragoons


Foundry Light Dragoons


Foundry Line Lancers


Perry French Hussars


Victrix French Line


Victrix French painted as Italian Guard


Italian Guard


Victrix French as Irish


Perry and Victrix British


British Line


Victrix Highlanders


Victrix Highlanders


Elite Spanish.


More photos to follow soon.

I will also show step by step how I do the basing if anyone is interested.

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