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Legionary 2017 – May 13th Exeter Part 4 The Show

Up nice and early having packed up the car the night before, I set off to Legionary 17. The roads were clear so it took me 6 minutes to get to the show. How lucky am I.

In the past I have raved about how good the facilities are at the venue for gamers and traders, well this time I remembered to take a photo.

How many shows can you unload next to your table?

I had booked a 12 x 6 table. I started to lay out the terrain and place the figures.

The Plot.

The game was to be set around August 1814 when both sides were sitting around a table in Ghent brokering a peace deal. The Americans not wishing to have to give up any of their country following a reversal of fortune and the British trying to reinforce their position. To give them a better bargaining chip a force has been dispatched to seize the Washington DC. The scouts tell them the road is open apart from a few militia. The British ever confident set off.

The Americans have been tracking this force and have guessed what the British are up to. So to stop them they rush all available troops to the area. This means that to initially stop the British there are some militia infantry, Cavalry and a gun.

Here you can see the Amera Plastics river.


Looking up the table from the British view point

Across the British Lines. In the distance you may just spot some supporting gunboats. These were classed as heavy artillery but took a turn to reload. They could also not move as they were at anchor due to the current.

In the centre you may be able to spot the royal marine rocket team. These were the stars of the game and anybody who was watching when they fired, all commented on the process we use to see where they land!!!!

The game started with the militia units having taken up position behind the fences, just shy of the river. Just on the British side of the river waiting in the woods were 3 units of Indians. In our games Indians can deploy up to halfway across the table if in a tree line otherwise normal deployment rules apply.

The British fired their rocket – they decided to roll 7 sets of dice. A D6 for direction and a D10 for distance. The first two dice rolls looked good then a few wild rolls saw the rocket head towards the British units on the right flank. The final three dice rolls somehow correct the direction and landed the rocket within an inch of the original target.  Must get Nathan to pick next week’s lottery ticket.  The Freed Color units did not like this with one becoming shaken.

Not a great photo but you may just spot the Freed Color militia , the shaken unit has a white counter.

Rocket crew fire again. this time nearly taking out one of their own gunboats!

Heavy Militia gun opens fire

British are in the fields!

The  British advance continued and American reinforcements start to arrive. The American militia had a heavy cannon mounted on the hill by the church and so they started to fire. The first shot hit the advancing 1st Royal Marines.

Both sides traded shots and the militia taking the worst of it started to fall back. American regulars advancing up the left flank enter the woods to chase out the Indians. It takes 4 line and a unit of rifles to finally clear them out.

The remaining militia attempt to hold the ford!

American regulars advance into the woods!

Having advanced across the river they catch the Indians in a crossfire

Royal Marines advancing on the river, in the rear ranks are the 5th west indies regiment with the two Swiss Regiments Du Meuron and De Watteville in the middle (great flags).

View from the British end

View from the American end

The American advance down the left flank was not to continue as they were faced with the Canadian brigade and a rocket aiming at the American Right flank landed in the woods and 4 units had to test morale (Enemy units under flight path of a rocket have to test).

Canadian Brigade including Voltigeurs

Another rocket just misses the advancing British!

7th New York Militia and the Glengarry Lights trading shots when another rockets lands and frightens the horses making them shaken and a sound volley from the Glengarry finish them off.

The British push back the American Left and take the river but the lead units have taken a little too many casualties to pursue the retiring,  not retreating Americans.

A great game was had by all. It was especially great to get such positive feedback from the visitors and especially some new gamers  asking about the figures, rules and terrain.

Figures- Old Glory, Knuckleduster,Foundry,Victrix, Elite, Britannia and Perry.

Buildings –  Large house -Sarissa, small home and Church – Renedra

Trees – Mostly hand made(please see blog) and K&M.

Haystacks – Homemade

Fencing and Walls – Ebay

River – Amera Plastics. I think this is great value product

Hopefully you will get to see some better pictures as the photographer from Wargames Illustrated was on hand to take a few which I hope will be in the magazine soon.

A big thank you to “A Brush Too Far” painting service who helped me out with a number of units towards the end. Thank you Jono and Mary.

RULES – King George Commands and We Obey – see blog.



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War 1812 Painted unit update Part 2 US Dragoons

US Light Dragoons (Old Glory pack WAA014)

Over the last week I finished off the 2nd unit for my new Old Glory 1812 Armies. I intend to build my units around the battle of Crysler’s Farm. The flag is speculative and is a reduced sized infantry flag.

Nice figures although the officer may be considered a little too enthusiastic waving sword in one hand and helmet in other. Maybe a past relative of Rooster Cogburn!

In the Rules, KGCAWO they will have the following unit characteristics for Crysler’s Farm scenario. 2nd US Light Dragoon D/C/C Carbine. Only one troop, so starts game with 1 Strength point.


Uniform Details There are a number of variations shown but I have opted for the most common version.

Helmet – Black casket style helmet with white horse hair crest with a white over light blue plume and silver plate.

Jacket – French blue with collar, cuffs and turnbacks also French blue. Black braiding on the front. Trousers – white or buff

Boots – Knee high and black

Belt – white with brass buckle

Gloves – white and/or buff Waterbottle – standard issue skyblue/blue grey

Saddlecloth  Blue edged white for the men and silver for the officer.

Musician –   coat with collar and cuffs, all grey. Otherwise as the rest of the unit.100_2632 100_2631 100_2630

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War 1812 Painted unit update

Over the weekend I finished off the first unit from my new Old Glory 1812 Armies. I intend to build my units around the battle of Crysler’s Farm.

Canadian Voltigeurs (Old Glory pack WAB005)

This unit was raised in 1812 as a Provisional Corps of Light Infantry from the Lower Canada area and were known as the Voltigeurs de Quebec. Their original commander was Major Charles- Michel de Salaberry. He was a former officer of the 60th foot hence I guess why he is shown in Green.


While they participated in many skirmishes they are mostly famed for their participation in the battles of Chateauguay and Crysler’s Farm.

In these battles they appear to have fought in both  formed and skirmish formations. With that in mind I will represent them as either an 11 figure skirmish unit (4 bases of 2 and 1 base of 3 figure command) or a 18 figure formed unit (3 bases of 6).  I have done the skirmish unit this way because in the 1812 war I will have less units than I normally use in my Peninsular battles (3 bases of 2) so I can have more figures in a unit. It also works well with the 30 figure pack Old Glory sell.


Apart from the headgear the officer’s uniform is as per the 95th. Green faced black. Headgear is best described as a black mitre/bearskin.

Soldiers – black mitre type headgear, grey jacket, black belts,  collar, cuffs, epaulettes with wings. White turn backs. Grey trousers. I have given them black musket slings although I have seen references to white.

Canadian Voltigeurs 4

Canadian Voltigeurs 4

Canadian Voltigeurs 3

Canadian Voltigeurs 3

Canadian Voltigeurs 2

Canadian Voltigeurs 2

Canadian Voltigeurs 1

Canadian Voltigeurs 1


I will probably paint  a small unit of US  Dragoons.

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Long Service Award

A bit of a late blog but with getting the game ready for Legionary I have let the update slip.
Ten days to the day from placing the order, over 25kgs of metal arrived.
Like a kid in a sweet shop I dived straight in and found the following:
 3 off American Infantry, Leather Shako March Attack
2 off American Infantry, Summer Field Dress March Attack
4 off American Command, Leather Shako
2 off American Militia
1 off Artillery Crew in Shako 
1 off 7th New York Dragoons with Command
1 off  5th Maryland Volunteers
1 off Mounted High Command incl. Jackson
2 off New Orleans Freed Men of Color
1 off Light Dragoons with Command
1 off Canadian Voltigeurs
1 off West Indian Regiments
1 off British Marines
1 off Glengarry Light Infantry Skirmishing
1 off Deployed Rocket Troop
1 off 6lb Guns
I also ordered a few packs to bolster my Scottish Wars of Independence armies. These will bulk out my schiltrons which are currently made up of EBOB and early Citadel/Ral Partha miniatures. 
2 off Scottish Spearmen
1 off Scottish Dismounted Knights
1 off Scottish Highlanders & Isle men
1 off English bowmen
I must say that I am very impressed with the 1812 figures, have not opened any Scottish War of Independence packs yet. The pose variations and detail is great. From the packs I have opened there seems to be about 5 poses on average, excluding command if included. Then each pose will also have a number of head variations.
While unpacking, I discovered the British rockets crews and I had to open, prime and start painting. These are very animated and I just love the faces. I will finish the rockets in the next couple of weeks hopefully, so will update when they are all based.
Old Glory Rocket Crew 28mm

Old Glory Rocket Crew 28mm

I also started to paint some of the Canadian Voltigeurs. With there being 30 in a pack and using my KGCAWO rules they will only fight in a skirmish formation. Therefore I can get 3 figures to a base and have 5 bases to a unit. Here are the first couple of bases.
Old Glory War of 1812 Canadian Voltigeurs

Old Glory War of 1812 Canadian Voltigeurs

Old Glory War of 1812 Canadian Voltigeurs

Old Glory War of 1812 Canadian Voltigeurs

Here is a picture of old glory compared against the foundry 1812 range and Knuckle Duster. I think old glory and knuckle duster are fully interchangeable. Foundry are a little smoother in style than the angled edges of Old Glory and Knuckleduster but all have great facial detail. Foundry are smaller and slimmer but I suppose the old figure intermingled would not matter or you could have whole units of them. The only issue with that is the lack of pose variation.
28mm War of 1812  Old Glory/Foundry/Knuckleduster

28mm War of 1812
Old Glory/Foundry/Knuckleduster

Here is a picture of some foundry painted.

Foundry American War of 1812 range.

Foundry American War of 1812 range.

I guess that next years demo game for Legionary 15 will be the War of 1812 and probably Crysler’s Farm.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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Crysler’s Farm – Nov 11th 1813

Here is a great little scenario for the American War of 1812. This will be the target for my first units in this new era. The Old Glory Figures I ordered cover all this scenario apart from the Gunboats which I will probably use the Britannia range for. It will be a while till I get them all painted but will update you as I paint them.


Following on from the American assault on Montreal about 8000 troops under Major- General Wilkinson left Sackets Harbour mid October and sailed down the St Lawrence River. They were being shadowed by a small British force originally out of Kingston. Due to the need to transport the river craft through the rapids at Long Salt the American disembarked. This was now the time to deal with the troublesome British.

Leading up to the battle the Americans had to deal with a serious outbreak of Dysentery. Quite a few senior commanders were infected including Major-General Wilkinson. In fact Major General Wilkinson was in such a poor condition that he took no part in the battle, having decided to rest in his bunk.


The rules used were my own compilation, King George Commands and We Obey (KGCAWO).


The Americans, due to illness have no overall commander. All the other American commanders were also ill but at least they attended the battle. They all have a poor command rating to reflect their troubles.

The British commander, Lt-Col Morrison is an Excellent commander but he has no subordinates. He will have to spread himself around the field to keep all units in command.


Brigadier Boyd (Poor)

12th US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

13TH US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

Brigadier Swartwout (Poor)

11th US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

14TH US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

21st US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

Brigadier Swartwout (Poor)

9th US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket

16TH US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

25TH US Regulars C/C/D SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

2nd US Light Dragoon D/C/C Carbine. Only one troop, so starts game with 1 Strength point

Battery of Light Artillery C/D/C Smoothbore cannon


Lt – Col Morrison (Excellent).

49th Foot B/B/A SB Musket

89th Foot B/B/B SB Musket (large unit 4 strength points)

Canadian Militia C/C/C SB Musket Only one coy, so starts game with 1 Strength point

Voltigeurs and Indians B/C/E ( if in open) SB Musket Skirmish formation only

Or B/B/B ( if in woods) SB Musket Skirmish formation only

1st Battery of Light Artillery B/D/C Smoothbore cannon

2nd Battery of Light Artillery B/D/C Smoothbore cannon

Gunboat 1 B/C/C Smoothbore cannon. Treat as heavy Guns. Are anchored so may only swivel to move and if so no fire that turn. If fired at treat as light defences.

Gunboat 2 B/C/C Smoothbore cannon. Treat as heavy Guns. Are anchored so may only swivel to move and if so no fire that turn. If fired at treat as light defences.


Cryslers Farm Map

Americans deploy anywhere along line A. When the brigadier’s card is turned roll a D6. If turn 1 a 1 is need to deploy, turn 2 a 1-2 need etc. all the way to turn 6 when they will automatically appear and deploy. Units may not be activated until their commander has been deployed.

British deploy to the left of line B. If Americans capture John Crysler’s Farm, all British units drop one morale level.

Fences take ½ move to cross for foot, ¼ move for skirmishers and full move Cavalry/Artillery due to need to dismantle. No benefit if shot at behind a fence but + 1 if attacking unit behind in melee.

Hope you enjoy this scenario. I will add some more soon.



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