A Long Time No See

An old wargaming mate popped over for the first time in 4+years. Following a catch-up over a cup of tea we played a boardgame Hold The Line ACW. The scenario was the Battle of Cross Keys July 8 – 9th 1862.

It was only the 2nd time I had played but Nathan’s first time. I have to admit that while I enjoy boardgames we are both into large tabletop battles.

As we played we chatted about how good the game would look if moved to the table top but what scale? 28mm vignettes for each unit or 6mm regiments.

The game played brilliantly with the Confederates claiming victory on turn 13 of 22 having destroyed 7 Union units.

Early battle before the chatting the stopped me taking photos!

I cannot state how much I like this game. But the reason it is so much better than the very similar Command and Colors version is the command, it is down to you where you spend command points and not down to hopefully having the correct card in your hand as per C&C.

If you love C&C then give this game a go and I am sure you will love it.

I hope that it isn’t 4 years before I see Nathan again.

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